square pegs…

As utility is paramount to our design, the idea of incorporating shaker-inspired peg walls and shelves felt special and useful – and a perfect fit for our Heritage project. However, since nothing in Modern Cottage design is ornate or fussy – we tend to shy away from curves, generally speaking – I decided the pegs must be square. I thought surely someone must offer these on the world wide web … but alas, nothing matching my imagination turned up. Enter Brandon, master wood-worker and super kind and easy-going human. He made gorgeous pegs to my precise specifications, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

The pegs look perfect at our custom entry nook, too (and yes I’m dying over those white porcelain knobs!).

Even River approves. What’s a little drywall dust on your lips anyway?

So close to the finish line now! Can’t wait to begin styling this treasure of a home.

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